About Us

In 2005 Melis Kozan and her husband Chad began Isle Apparel. Born out of Melis’ passion and love for fashion and Chad’s extensive experience in the textile industry in Turkey it became the perfect outlet for this entrepreneurial and fashion minded family.

Kozan by Melis Kozan is the evolution of a personal style that began in the 1990’s at Diesel, an international denim brand located in Italy where Melis learned design basics and an approach to international fashion.

Inspired from intricate jacquard fabrics and art installations in Paris Melis Kozan has created a new brand that will take you from brunch to an art opening, from work to dinner with friends. That favorite special item that you can’t live without, Kozan will be the best friend in your closet that you reach for whenever you want to feel your best.

Both born and raised in Istanbul, Chad and Melis currently live in New Jersey with their twin sons Arda & Batu.

WESTERN CANADA: Kakino & Company
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Dorothy Elwood
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EASTERN CANADA: Hayworth & Co.
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