About Us

Sno Skins originated as an innovative concept for skiing apparel.

In 1990 a young designer was invited to ski with friends in Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado. She didn’t ski very well at the time, but decided that she would definitely look good. She took some wonderful stretch velvet fabrics, made some great looking turtlenecks and went on her trip. Her friends and their friends loved and wanted these tops.

At the time, her significant other was a manufacturer of better ladies’ sportswear. When he saw that other people admired these beautiful velvet tops, the idea for Sno Skins was born.

On their next vacation to the Rocky Mountains, the couple decided to make up a small collection of velvet items and take them on their trip. They made appointments with a few key retailers and returned from their vacation with orders in hand. The rest is history!

Janine and Steve Weiss, (our young designer and her significant other, now husband and wife) have been producing Sno Skins since that Rocky Mountain trip in 1993.

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